Custom Ranch Gates & Entrances We Build

Texas Ranch Resources, LLC builds farm and ranch gates and entrances tailor-made for each landowner. From a simple wooden ranch gate, to a custom-built ornamental metal entry gate, we can customize to suit any ranch or country environment.

We will work closely with you, from start to finish, to build the gates and entrances around your property.
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Custom Gate Entrances That Make a Statement

Quality craftmanship goes into every custom gate entrance we build. Our design and fabrication team work hand-in-hand to create a sturdy, long lasting and beautiful entryway to your property. You can count on us to build the grand entrance you have been wanting, that also adds the security you need. Read below about different wood types and metal components we can include in your farm or ranch gate entrance.

Types of Wood

We can help you choose what type of wood to use. Each species of wood has varying physical properties like strength, longevity, durability, and rot resistance. Our wood selections include:

  • Hardwoods like oak, pecan or hickory
  • Western red cedar
  • Pine or treated pine
  • Douglas fir
  • Cypress
  • Reclaimed timbers, and more

Metal Components

Stabilizing metal is necessary for many ranch entrance gates due to their size and weight and gives the gate additional strength to handle design elements. Some of our metal components include:

  • Ranch brand, company logo, family crest, initials, images, or symbols
  • Ball bearing hinges
  • Powder coating color, or priming and painting
  • Metal support posts, metal bars, post caps, or finial tops
  • Hanging signs
  • Hinge styles, latches and rivets

Custom Ranch Entrance Installation

When Borden Creek Ranch contacted us to install a one-of-a-kind grand entrance for their new community our design and fabrication teams went to work. The entrance had to be built to endure harsh climate, so it was constructed with wood, metal, and stone.

We installed reinforced concrete slabs to give stability and to ensure there would be minimal movement over time. We designed the stone pillars and walls to have conduit within the stonework to hide the wires for the LED lights. The main structure beams needed to be large and sturdy, so we special ordered 24” x 24” Douglas Fir Timbers. We custom welded the metal gates on-sight and installed a commercial grade Liftmaster gate opening system. The gate and surrounding fencing were constructed with 6” x 6” square tubing fence and was fully welded. We installed about 300 feet of total fencing.

If you are ready to design your farm or ranch entrance, give us a call.

Ranch Gates & Entrances Qualities

  • Attractive; combine the style of you and your property
  • Functional to fit your needs
  • Structurally sound, dependable, and long lasting
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind construction

Ranch Grand Entry Gate and Metal Fence Installation

This Texas ranch entrance was constructed out of metal pipe and was custom designed and hand welded by our team. It was especially fabricated and included a striking winding metal fence and a cattle guard.

If you are looking for a metal entry gate, contact us to find the best option for your property. We can custom design a gate to fit your specific needs, and we offer a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from. Our team will help bring your vision to life in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price.

Ranch Gates

Texas Ranch Resources builds custom ranch gates of all types and for different uses such as vehicle, equipment, or livestock access. These gates are less ornamental and more about function. They provide safe and secure access where you need it. We use the best materials, so they last for years to come.

Metal Fabrication for Custom Gates & Entrances

This is a small sample of our hand welded metal gate examples. Our highly skilled welders are passionate craftsman who go above and beyond for our clients.

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We are located in Columbus, Texas, and serve the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast.

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