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Texas Ranch Resources LLC is the leading high game fence contractor in Texas. Whether we install a deer fence, a wild game fence or an exotic animal fence, each option is completely customized to fit your specific needs. No project is too large, and no terrain is too tough.

From design to site preparation, to construction, we are here to help you get the most out of your property. Our services can include electric fences, ornate ranch fencing, water gaps, and gates and entrances with automatic gate openers.

High Game and Deer Fence Contractor

Whether you need a boundary to keep unwanted animals off your property, keep your exotic animals contained, or preserve your game animals for hunting, we will provide the best solution.

High Game Fencing Protects Your Animals

  • Keep domestic livestock and animals away from predators
  • Protect valuable crops or produce
  • Prevent poaching of game animals
  • Provide a safe environment for young animal species to grow and develop
  • Contain wild or exotic species in their designated area
  • Population management of certain game animals
  • Keep feral hogs off your property

Different Types of High Fencing Options

Deer Proof Fencing

Deer proof fencing provides an effective solution to a common problem faced by landowners and gardeners alike. These seemingly gentle creatures can wreak havoc on gardens, landscapes, and, in some cases, strip the bark from tree trucks which girdle trees.

By installing a well-constructed and strategic barrier, you can effectively minimize the risk of deer-borne damage while maintaining the aesthetics of your surroundings. Plus they contribute to a balanced ecosystem by preventing overgrazing, which can ultimately lead to soil erosion and a decline in plant diversity.

With the long-term benefits of sustainability and protection, deer proof fencing is a smart and environmentally friendly investment for those wanting to preserve the beauty and functionality of their outdoor spaces.

High Game Fencing

High game fencing provides an essential barrier to protect valuable landscapes and wildlife from encroachment and disruption on wildlife reserves, ranches, and farms. With the advancement of technology and materials, high game fencing now comes in various designs and styles, such as woven wire fences and electric fences, tailored to suit the specific needs of different environments and species.

These fences not only serve practical purposes, but they also contribute to conservation efforts by helping maintain the natural balance within ecosystems.

Exotic Animal Fencing

Exotic animal fencing is essential for securely raising and maintaining the well-being of rare and unique species, whether for private collections or wildlife conservation purposes. With the primary objective of ensuring both the safety of these captivating creatures and the people around them, finding the right balance between durability and aesthetic appeal is vital.

The materials used for fencing should be strong, resistant to wear and tear, and should adapt to different terrains and climate conditions. Furthermore, considering each animal’s instinctive behaviors and physical characteristics is crucial in designing an enclosure tailored to their specific needs.

By incorporating the best practices for exotic animal fencing, we pave the way for a harmonious and safe environment for these intriguing species to thrive in comfort and security.

Hog-Proof Fencing

In Texas, the issue of feral hogs causing significant damage to properties and agriculture has become a genuine concern for landowners and farmers. Fortunately, innovative and efficient hog-proof fencing solutions have been developed to address this problem to ensure both crops and properties remain safe and secure from their destructive behaviors.

Wild hogs are known for their damaging rooting and wallowing behavior. They can destabilize wetland areas, springs, creeks, and private ponds. In addition to habitat devastation and modification, hogs can destroy crops, fields, livestock feeders, forestry plantings and damage trees.

See more high game fencing samples on Our Projects Page.

Maintenance Tips for Your High-Game or Exotic Animal Fence

  • Inspect regularly for signs of damage and wear, including loose wires or posts, rusting materials, broken connections, or sagging sections.
  • Repair any damaged areas immediately.
  • Make sure the ground around it is clear of debris so animals can’t dig their way underneath it to escape.
  • Trim back overgrown vegetation near the fence.
  • Ensure all gates are secured with locks when not in use.
  • Use weather-resistant coatings on materials prone to rusting.
  • Maintain a safe distance between electric fencing and other objects like trees, buildings, etc., so that accidental shorts do not occur.
  • Replace batteries in electric fences every few months.
  • Replace worn insulation in electric fences every year.

Benefits of Installing a High-Game or Exotic Animal Fence

When Texas Ranch Resources installs high-game or exotic animal fencing on your property it will keep your exotic animals in or keep unwanted animals out. Whether you have cattle, deer, goats, or exotic animals, a high game fence allows for proper management, containment, and control of your livestock and wildlife populations. Investing in such protection offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Wildlife management
  • Increased security, protection from predators
  • Improved property value
  • Cost-effective and low-maintenance

Installation Process for a High-Game or Exotic Animal Fence

The installation process for a high-game or exotic animal fence is relatively straightforward but requires careful attention to detail and quality materials.

Land Preparation: After carefully planning where the fence will be built, our crews will excavate and clear the land to prepare it for a solid foundation and the best performance. This can include clearing trees, removing underbrush, and land leveling.

Fence Materials: We use the best materials to protect your investment from the harsh weather here in Texas and the animals themselves. Long-lasting galvanized steel or carbon steel wire mesh provides superior strength and durability. Proper posts and supports are installed to withstand animal impact, stock pressure, and snow weight. Additionally, gates must be included for people or vehicles to enter and exit the property safely. Lastly, all components should be securely fastened together using the best hardware, such as nuts and bolts, to provide adequate protection over time.

With proper planning and installation, a high-game or exotic animal fence can provide peace of mind that both people and animals are safe on your property.


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