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Texas Ranch Resources designs and builds docks for farms and ranches in Columbus and surrounding areas. Our docks/piers are built to last so we only use the best materials. We have been perfecting and adapting our knowledge to accommodate any potential problem that could arise. We build new docks, or we can replace your aging, unsafe existing dock.

We will work closely with you to design the perfect personal pond dock that fits your needs. Contact us today.

Custom Docks & Piers

Each pier supported dock is uniquely designed to fit the individual needs and style of your property. Your personal dock can include railings, benches, fishing platforms and more. Click on the images to see the detailed craftsmanship that goes into all the docks we build.

Why Choose Us to Build Your Dock?

  • We have time proven construction with years of experience 
  • Hydro-driven pilon system for long lasting stability
  • Galvanized pilons
  • Water rated pressure treated lumber
  • Corrosive resistant bolts and screws, we never use nails!

Customized Docks with Pavilions & Pergolas

Do you need shade? We can build that. Texas Ranch Resources builds custom pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos. We have the customization experience and expertise to build a truly one-of-a-kind dock. We will make your dock more than just a wooden extension of the land. Some of our add-ons are:

  • Roof, pavilion, or pergola
  • Railing and benches
  • Lighting
  • Stairs, and more

Standard T-shaped Pier Construction

Piers are completely customizable and can be different shapes. The most common shape is a T. When we build a T-shaped platform style pier without railings or benches we call it a standard T.

While our standard T-shaped piers seem simple, they are built with the same, long-lasting materials and expert engineering to withstand harsh environments and conditions. They are a great option for personal ponds on ranches and farms.

6 Signs That Your Personal Pond Dock Needs to Be Replaced

1. Wood is rotting in numerous areas

2. Rust and corrosion on platforms and supports

3. Foundation is damaged

4. Cracks and warps in dock supports

5. Loose decking

6. Wobbly, unstable and creaking sounds

Farm & Ranch Lake Bridges

Does your farm or ranch have a large lake or a marsh area you need to cross? Our pond and lake dock building capability can be extended into a bridge for pedestrians, golf carts and vehicles. 

Farm and ranch lake bridges provide a sturdy way to cross bodies of water and can also add an element of beauty to your property.

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We are located in Columbus, Texas, and serve the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast.

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